Technological Empowerment in our everyday lives

Technological Empowerment is prevalent in our everyday lives everywhere we look. “The Californian Ideology” touches on this in many ways people may not think of including this quote:

“Although companies in these sectors can mechanise and subcontract much of their labour needs, they remain dependent on key people who can research and create original products, from software programs and computer chips to books and TV programmes.”

This pulls both pros and cons of Technological Empowerment the labour force. Unfortunately, this Technological Empowerment of the company results in detriment for a large portion of the work force as their jobs have now been mechanised. However, on the other side of the coin, through Technological Empowerment of the marketplace new “high tech” products are constantly flooding the market required companies to hire skilled workers from the so-called “virtual class”.

Technological Empowerment of both companies and the marketplace is affecting the entire world stage. Even Chinese factories are starting to see job losses due to automation.

However, technology has also come to a point where people can make a living creating blogs like the one I’m writing now.

Technological Empowerment is changing the world around us everyday. Whether these changes be for better or for worse, all we can do is wait to see what tomorrow brings.


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