Personal Information and the Internet

Generally, when deciding to share information about myself online, I follow two main criteria. The first is who has direct access to the information I am supplying. By this, I basically mean after I have supplied my information if it is going to be openly available for everyone to see, or if I have some way to make my information private. If every person randomly coming across my page or profile would have access to my address, email, phone number or any other bits of personal information I may have to supply to the website, I would have to think twice about registering for their service. However, if this information is not publically displayed or I have the option to hide it I generally would not think twice about supplying basic information, pending they meet my second criteria; how does the website use my information. If the website is planning on selling my information to marketing firms or releasing it to affiliates so they spam my virtual and real inbox I would have no intention on sharing my information with them. However, if they have a solid privacy policy in place, again I generally would not think twice about supplying my basic information to them.

As far as how I present myself, I don’t see much of a point from deviating off how I present myself in real life face-to-face situations. I see no gain from portraying myself as someone supposedly superior from who I actually am. When actually posting something, I will usually just follow the setting of the outlet I’m using. On a social media website such as facebook it’s generally information more specific to me such as what I’m actually doing, or personal photos. However, if the outlet is like a forum I’ll generally just stay on subject to the websites topic, and post information relevant to that instead of something more personal.


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