The Information Age and what it really means

When someone says we live in the “information age”, people today often don’t really seem to understand the significance of the term. This is especially true for people born within the past 20 or so years, i.e. the majority, if not all, of this class, as they have not experienced life before the information age set in. So what does it mean to live in the “information age”? Although with the world we live in today it might seem hard to believe, technology as we know today was essentially non-existent until relatively very recent times. It wasn’t until the late 80s that the world-wide-web was introduced and gradually, yet extremely quickly relatively speaking, opened up never before considered opportunities to the world and changed how we live our lives in a dramatic way. Step by step this new technology being began to change how we complete everyday tasks, from how we communicate, to how we work, and everything in between. From cell phones, to laptops, if you were to describe any of this new technology to someone in the 70s and tell them it would be widely available in 30 years they would probably say you were crazy. Even this course we are in right now is revolutionary compared to past teaching methods, and would not be possible if we were not a part of the “information age”.

So in short, the “information age” is essentially this age we live in with widely accessible technology that has greatly altered our everyday lives from the past. Things are possible now that were never even considered before, and this advancement through the information age will only continue into the future.


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