Society and the Information Age

Through this major blog post, I’d like to expand on my thoughts of the information age established in my minor blog post. Before I begin explaining and analyzing these thoughts, I’d like to start this blog with a quote from “The Network Society” by Manuel Castells and Gustavo Cardoso;

“We know that technology does not determine society: it is society. Society shapes technology according to the needs, values, and interests of people who use the technology.”

This is an interesting way to consider the subject that I had never really thought about prior to reading this. Through the needs, values, and interests of people around the world, new technology has been, and will be, continually created in order to make people’s everyday lives easier and more enjoyable. Through the need of communication with other people, the telephone was invented which revolutionized the way people were able to talk with each other. The internet was created to quickly communicate information to people over long distances. Through people’s values and interests, new devices are constantly being created in order to entertain and educate the masses. We now have phones with apps for just about everything you can think of from trying to pass the bar exam, to solving puzzle games with angry birds. Technology is constantly creating things that people would have considered impossible in the relatively not so distant past. I think a quote from ‘s minor blog posting sums up the end results of this process quite perfectly;

“I think the real transition into this ‘information age’ is that we, as society, have let our electronic devices take on a role much greater than before. They have for the most part become much more of a lifestyle than device – that is not to say I believe that is a bad thing.”

With the constant evolution of technology catering to our every need, want, and desire, it only make sense that these pieces of technology have reached an elevated status becoming a “lifestyle” instead of just an item used for convenience.  After allowing a new piece of technology to take such a large role in our day-to-day lives, it is almost as if we are forming a psychological addiction to these devices.  Many people are unable to leave their houses, or even a room without their cellphone on hand. Their cellphone almost becomes a part of them. They constantly require the ability to be able to communicate, and if they don’t have their cell phone on their person, it is almost as if a part of them is missing. This phenomenon is unique to this “information age” as people previously did not have these devices that changed their lives in such a radical way.

As I said in my minor blog, through the information age things are possible now that were never even considered before with even this course being revolutionary compared to past teaching methods, and this advancement only continue into the future.


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