Communication is Human Nature

I believe communication in general is tremendously important in our day to day to day lives. Communicating with each other is simply human nature; without regular human contact I think many of us would have to call our sanity into question. I think AK‘s blog outlines this quite well:

“Mobile communication devices enable us to live a technology and socially connected lifestyle that empowers us to enjoy the benefits of instant communication and connection”

Communication provides us with entertainment, knowledge, opportunity, and perhaps the most important and most overlooked, contact or attention from others. Mobile communication is simply the next step in our society has developed in our constant need to communicate with each other.

Mobile communication gives us a way to communicate with anyone in the mobile network, which is basically everyone in this stage of its development, anywhere and anytime. Not only this, but now through various programs such as facebook and twitter, we have multiple ways to communicate with people on different levels. The ability to communicate like this has done wonders for our need for need for human contact. Taking a quote from Marnie’s Blog:

“You really feel lost when not being able to use your phone because you feel disconnected from the world.”

Though not even 15 years ago this phenomenon was practically non existent, with the rapid development of technology this feeling of being “disconnected” without a method of mobile communication is becoming widespread through our society. We can go further into this with a quote from katiebenedict13comm2f00‘s page:

“I pay more attention to my phone then to my school work – I am always checking my text messages, Facebook posts, tweets and emails. If I don’t see the red light blinking on my phone I feel, “what’s going on?” I feel cut off, even lonely.”

While it may seem bizarre to people who are not apart of this “revolution” mobile technology has created, mobile communication has allowed us to express ourselves, and feel apart of something socially wherever we are. As I discussed previously in my minor blog, a quote I find very compelling from by Scott W. Campbell andYong Jin Park states:

“The mobile phone lowers the threshold for interaction”

Through these mediums such as facebook and twitter, as well as through text messages and similar means of mobile communication, the so called “threshold” of human interaction has been decreased dramatically. People are now able to communicate things so easily, they will now discuss things they previously thought were too unimportant to actually call or meet someone to discuss. This gives people reasons to talk to people they never would have before, and hold conversations they would have previously never had. Though it may seem trivial, these new social interactions are strengthening ties between people, and providing the human contact we mentally require with a much lower “threshold” improving the quality of life for many people. This is especially true for people that may have found typical face-to-face forms of communication difficult due to issues such as social anxiety or even and inability to leave their house often or at all due to an injury or disability. However, this goes into a semi-related yet different topic on the benefits of mobile technology and communication to people with disabilities.

This new mobile technology and mobile communication has also radically changed how we work today for the better. As previously mentioned, mobile technology allows us to instantly communicate with each other. This allows us to do anything from communicating with clients, to receiving reports for a big meeting later in the day. Gerald Goggin states in his paper “Adapting the mobile phone: The iPhone and its consumption”:

“It’s a genuine handheld computer, the first device that really deserves the name. (Regarding the iPhone)”

Although Goggin was talking about the iPhone in this context, in the current market this can be said about almost all smartphones. Almost everything we could do on a computer before, we can now complete on our mobile device. This has made life much easier for many in their day to day lives. It has also opened the door for unique tasks and communication to be completed that were not possible in the past before this technology was introduced. An excellent example of this was described by Scott W. Campbell and Yong Jin Park:

“One additional example is peer-to-peer journalism, in which regular citizens become eye witness journalists by capturing and broadcasting news events using their mobile devices (Goggin 2006; Gye 2007). This form of journalism was experimented with in 2000 (Rheingold 2002), and today it is common for local and national news broadcasts to show images captured and distributed from mobile camera phones.”

This example demonstrates both how people can work and communicate easier via mobile technology.  Through their devices they are able to both capture events and broadcast, or communicate them to other people.

In conclusion, I believe mobile communication has become almost a necessity in today’s world. It has improved the quality of life around the world, and can only improve as technology evolves in the future.


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