Sharing Culture or Making Excuses?

For this major blog post, the passage I have chosen to reference is from “Under the Pixelated Jolly Roger: A Study of On-Line Pirates” by Kevin F. Steinmetz and Kenneth D. Tunnell. The specific passage refers to how pirates justify illegally downloading goods as an attempt to share culture. I chose this passage as I find sharing culture as a justification to piracy as an interesting outlook that I have not previously thought off. However, I also disagree with the logic behind this justification, and thought creating a rebuttal towards it would be interesting as well.




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2 responses to “Sharing Culture or Making Excuses?

  1. Hi – I enjoyed your podcast very much! I fundamentally agree with much of what you shared in terms of compensation for the work of artists, their producers and the technology involved. I also think that if there is not some sort of balance approach for a compensation model, then the incentive for creating and the resources for quality work will be completely diminished. Why bother creating original work if you cannot make a fair living from it?

    I chose this passage also, as it resonated with me. However, I do not think that stopping downloading is a realistic solution. So many of our classmates have stated that this is not something that they are prepared to stop. I think that producers and artists need to find a model where compensation is commensurate with their output, but not forever. As Lessig noted, we do not want a whole generation of downloaders to be criminalized, but we do not want generations of artists demotivated from producing quality product.

    Do you think that there is an opportunity to find a balanced model with common ground between the pirates and the artists/producers of cultural content?


  2. Carlee Bemben

    I would have liked to hear more of your own thoughts! Amazing reference to cavemen, I couldn’t stop laughing! I like how you pointed out how aritsts are continually paid over and over again for the same product – this is why programs like Napster are so deterimental to the music industry. I disagree when you say that the quality and content of the music will decrease. Anyone with a Mac, or halfways decent mixing program can produce very high quality finished products. I think these notions are produced by the music industry in order to scare us into submussion so they can get into our pockets. Shame on you music industry! The most podcasts that I listen to the more I can see that we all have the same attitudes towards filesharing. I’m assuming it may have something to do with the fact that we are all starving students maybe??

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